A Little Bit More Than Street. 

The 2nd Post.

I’ll leave the talking for now, but check out Lekans Fit.

  Look how laid back he is, Go on tell me my team ain’t lit, and you ain’t even seen them all yet.

On this day I was feeling my self so obviously that’s Urban but I added a twist because lekan was round.

 I Didn’t really feel like wearing a thick bomber so I busted this one out the closet.

We’re obviously wearing My fav creps(Shoes) in the world Rn & Forever.

 Pree…, & check the socks too.

The jumper I’m wearing is a thin but comfy cream long line sweat, and I just felt like a layer was missing so I added one right underneath.

The Black jeans were ripped by me and also the first pair I ever did so excuse the style(“I’m much better now G”). So Lekan Is also wearing a cream Jumper, and beige slacks.

“Just get my socks again real quick”.

Last Pose before you get to see where I copped the gear.


To be Jiggy:

Bomber: Burton’s Menswear.

Sweater: Zara.

Lekan’s Sweater: Lacoste(Tola vintage).

Layering Shirt: Zara.

Jeans: RI(River Island).

Lekans Slacks: Zara.

Socks: Women’s socks(Local).

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith.


Casio Watch.

My IG: FortuneLago

Lekan’s IG: @Lekan_sulaimon.

Credit to lilmisyou for taking pics.

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