Bored of the Norm.

To me being comfortable during the day is a basic need, so why not go with the most comfortable fit if you’re going to have a hectic day.

 An essential piece for everyone nowadays is to have a bomber jacket in your closet, but usually they don’t fit right with a hoodie/jumper underneath so I went for this Ma-1 bomber I got from a local vintage store in Dublin(Deets at the bottom).
 I really love this jumper because it’s got a touch of me on it, this jumper used to be baby blue but I needed something to go with my pumps and I really didn’t wear this jumper often so I pulled out a bucket & boiled some water, added some bleach(a lot) and the result of the equation was this cream/white jumper. I’ll definitely wear it more now.
 To me to be comfy you gotta have pants that give you some breathing space…*cough cough*.. If you know what I mean, and to make it even better due to the material it felt like I was almost wearing nothing, these pants are even better because I don’t even need a belt they got buckles at the side to make it tighter or looser your choice.

  Side view G(Deets of sneaks below).

Last pose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To be Jiggy:
Bomber: Tola Vintage.
Sweater: Voi Jeans(Customized).

Slacks: H&M.
Shoes: Reebok Instapump OG Fury.

Casio Watch.
My IG: FortuneLago

Credit to @lilmisyou for taking pics.

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