Be Raised by Wolves.

IG: FortuneLago

So I was thinking about what you could wear to an interview for a retail job or a fashion based job, so I went with this fit because I felt like everyone usually wears the normal shirt at the top, and jeans/slacks at the bottom.

 This fit is pretty handy because it keeps you somewhat warm when it’s cold and it keeps you cool when it’s hot because the layers are somewhat thin.

 It is a pretty comfortable fit, and I’m all about comfort not only with the clothes but also with how you’ll feel.

The turtle neck has a pretty loose fit and would make you feel like you’re wearing nothing, the layering piece however is very tight and fits together so nicely .

(Just trying to explain how to take the picture.)

I went for a more monochromic (Google it) look this time,

(“if you wear less than 4 colours it does it for me”)

as this will help you be lowkey if you don’t really want to be noticed but if someone does pay attention, and notices the details, they’ll see just how stylish you are.

 And don’t get me wrong I did wear a jacket, but that’s only because it was cold that day and I just wore a different colored piece because it just completed the look, added some sauce to the taco yougemeh!!.


Turtleneck:Raised by Wolves.

Oh one more thing I won’t tell you guys where my items are from anymore, so you can explore your own styles and looks, but if you do want details on where I got my pieces for my fit from, Dm(Direct Message) me on Instagram.

My IG: FortuneLago

Credit to @Lekan Derrick for taking my pictures

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