The Art of Street

So with street style you can wear what ever you want and make it look good. All it needs is a certain piece and boom, you have street.

 Here you see me wearing slacks and stan smiths the casual office but still fashionable fit. If you just use the bottom half of this fit you can see that you could wear it to work, that’s where the top half comes in.

 I threw on a hoodie and a bomber jacket because it was hella cold but obviously still stylish and the top half also shows that your not a too serious person that “I’m still approachable”.

 Now as soon as you step into work you can easily take off the top half and leave the t on and it becomes a beautiful combination, you can wear this around and nobody bats an eye… Why? Because it looks normal. But you(I) don’t want to look normal and average.

 As you can see I’m wearing long socks because to me there’s a certain distance between the bottom of your trousers to shoes allowed and once it exceeds it, either don’t wear it or have something under it the allows the look, keep in mind i don’t usually wear socks.

 Tbh I’m In love with this fit, it’s not for most but yh.

My IG: FortuneLago

Credit to @Fred for taking my pictures.

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