Bomber Season.

Seems like black has been my color for the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that people actually dress like how they feel in the morning.

 I’m wearing an all black “just like my soul” fit, it is so hard for me to find a nice black bomber that is the right fit for me, they have to fit right with a jumper/hoodie underneath.

 Underneath I’m wearing a black jumper that has a little touch done by me, it was a jumper that I didn’t wear anymore so I turned it inside out and it felt so nice, so I removed the tags on the back and sides and  distressed it myself, it was so comfortable after I was done. Remember “outfit=morning feels”.

 Lately I’ve fallen in love with pendants and with this one i just feel like it completes the fit, I also haven’t had a watch on in a while, I’m simply just getting comfortable with other things, I still have my bracelet on, if you scroll to the first pic on this post.

 You’re probably wondering why pants fit so well, well… They’re black skinny chinos. Tbh they’re currently my fave bottoms atm, because they’re super comfortable, and they just stack nicely on any creps, you’ve prob already clocked my creps

 Peep Greg7’s Fit(*fire emoji*) and this is why it’s bomber season. Without further ado, here’s


Bomber jackets: mine(jd), Greg(zara)

Chinos: boohoo(mine), bershka(Greg)

Jumper: FortuneLago (Remastered), Black Beck & Hersey Jumper

Greg(T-Shirt): Topman

Pendant: Topman

Creps/Sneaks: Nike Cortez(Mine), Zx Advance(Greg).

I know last week I didn’t add this section due to some personal issues… But it’s back.

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