Too Casj.

For this post, I decided to go with a calm look, as I had college that day, and I wanted to look good while not overdoing it for the occasion Yougemeh!

 The fit here depicts the act of looking good without making it too noticeable.  I’m wearing my super comfy hoodie with a nice coat, keep in mind how the colors don’t step too much out of their spectrums… “I’m wearing less than 4 colors”.

 Here’s the full look on a close up, I wore skinny jeans because you can’t really wear the wrong bottoms with this fit as to not ruin the silhouette, whether you’re wearing the coat or not you still look clean.

 To top the look I threw in my Pendant, which stands out on it’s own, if you’re in a dark setting someone will still notice you because it grabs their attention.

  To Be Jiggy:

Coat: Universal Works

Hoodie: Levi

Jeans: Topman

Pendant: Topman

Sneaks: Adidas Stan Smith

S/O to @Shola/Kingstaygold for the camera works.

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