Palace of Fashion. 

With this look I mixed Both street style & casual style together to make a fit that would grab attention as I strolled the streets of Dublin. As you can see I’m wearing an all black “just like my soul” fit, then I threw in some color with the bomber jacket which really catches your eye because it’s not like the normal ones you see on the regular color wise.

 Underneath that I’m wearing a nice black hoodie that If worn without a jacket still catches your eye because it’s has a lot more detail to it compared to others.

 To bring this fit even more to life, I’m not wearing skinny jeans, I’m wearing skinny chinos which have a waaaaaaay “exaggeration on the a’s to portray my enthusiasm” better feel & look than skinny jeans, trust me sometimes you just don’t need jeans for a normal look try chinos… :’/ I sound like I’m advertising them *eye emoji* I’m not… “I’m only here to try bring the best out of you”.

  To be honest I wear sneakers a looooot but if it wasn’t sneakers on my feet my second option would be chelsea boots. These suede ones that I’ve been neglecting for the past year have been chilling in the box crying for attention and this fit finally heard it’s cry.

 Before I end this post, fam pree Julius’s fit *2xwaves emoji*. Oh yeh I had my hair plaited for this week, but I took it out yesterday, and I’m missing it already.. S/O Chin…

 Look at the flick of the wrist.

To be Jiggy:

Bomber Jacket: Boohoo.

Hoodie: Palace Skateboards(bless Cp for this).

Chinos: Boohoo.

Chelsea Boots: River Island.

S/O to Greg & Julius for the camera works.

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