Private Militia

So from all of my fits ever created this simple one is my favorite so far, even though that’s how I feel after I create a new fit “deep that it takes me bare time to do this”.

 This fit has earned it’s name for a reason as you can see these are the colors the military uses, and this look slyly does it without making it too obvious but you would definitely understand where origin is from.

 As you can see I wore such a basic upper, black bomber & black hoodie, now people might say that coming up to Christmas “yoooo the weather outside is frightful.” but don’t worry the hoodie is actually what keeps you warm it is super thick and the bomber is there to simply layer it with the fit.

 My pendant & watch are always there to compliment the look and take away from it’s dark colors around me, well I only started wearing my watch again, I just wasn’t feeling it for a while.

 As you can see I slightly blend into the environment with this fit, but if you look closely you will see the details, always pay attention.

 Black Stan’s broke out of the box again, again & again… Just never fails to disappoint, still one of my favourite silhouettes of all time, & the khaki bottoms just take away from the simple all black look & adds color but since it’s a darker tone still, it doesn’t ruin fit.

 Usually when these colors are worn it’s usually a khaki bomber why not be creative & switch things up my G…… Before we go, preeeeeee Shola’s Fackiiing Fit yo.

Shalla: Greg7 & Shola for taking my pics, & Bakakat for trying to ruin my pics.

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