Appreciations of 2015

Since it’s Christmas week I’m taking the week off from dressing nice and just thanking people.

As the year is coming to an end I would like to take the time and say thanks to the people that really helped me with my Blog.
Firstly & For most I want to thank my younger bro Harry for supporting me and always telling me to improve my writing & coming up with new ideas on how to improve my next blog post.

S/O to Oyin my sister, we aren’t even friends anymore she’s my sister, she was one of the people that pushed me to start doing stuff I remember her saying you have until April to do something …. Fam I still have 4 months.

S/O to Barry for always proof reading and catching out my errors and also always annoying me to never stop what I’m doing.

S/O to my 3 Creatives you know who you are.. My motivators & My brothers.

S/O to AFN no need to explain they are my Brothers.

S/O to Lekan for always gassing me even tho he’s always better dressed than me.

These are the Closest People to Me.

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