Winters Juggernaut

 I have a very warm body therefore I get hot very easily, usually when you wear too many layers of clothing it can get really hot within seconds, so I went with the simple choice of just wearing a T under my heavy jacket that way you don’t have to worry about being too hot & being cold at the same time(gotta be smart in these streets boii).

  This jacket has become my favorite since I bought it, it’s comfy & warm. You don’t have to overdo it to prove you know how to put outfits together sometimes simple is better not too many pieces or colors.

 I pay close attention to what colors I wear and always make sure to keep it on a 1-4 scale so I try to never wear more than 4 colors(S/O Julius) & you can see I’m only wearing 3 colors (yes 3 because the stripes on the supers don’t matter G) but there are exceptions concerning jacket & accessory colors they don’t matter (because if it’s cold it’s cold no need to buy a new jacket that matches).

 As you can see it looks like I’m wearing a fit that looks like it belongs together & the sneaks just gives it that extra (notice me) look.

To be Jiggy:

Jacket: H&M.

T-Shirt: Topman.

Chinos: Boohoo.

Creps: Adidas Superstars.

Accessories: Casio(Watch) & Topman(Necklace).
I’d like to apologies for not posting for 2 weeks it was Christmas I took a break jks, I had exams :(, but I’m back & better.

S/O to Lekan for taking my pics.

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