Winter Cozy 2.

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With this fit I went for a more casual look, which would still showcase a sense in fashion. It has a side of maturity & youth all in one look.  I love my slim fits, as y’all may already know, but usually with tightness comes discomfort, so stretchy materials are always my first choice when i’m shopping.

  And my coat is quite spacious inside, & feels like a warm fuzz ball so with it that way I feel more comfortable, it’s like a 2 in 1 fit, the fitting, flexibility & coziness all help achieve this look.

 The Sneaks are another factor of comfort as you can see by the huge bubble at the back & the material the sneaker is made of, it helped me throughout the whole day in keeping my feet happy which is not always the case with all sneaks, in addition to it being comfortable it also blends right in with the bottom half of my legs and then turns to sneaker, the transition from legs/ankle/feet is perfect.

 Here is the fit again for the last time.

 And another look at my sneaker ft. Julius sneaker.

S/O: Julius for taking pics.

To be Jiggy:

Coat: Universal Works.

Jumper: Topman.

Chinos: Boohoo.

Sneakers: Nike Airmax 93.

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