Other Waters

So this weeks post is a bit different, I will be documenting what I wore for the 3 Days I spent in London. The Reason I was in London was to Style @Nawawear SS16 Collection Photoshoot, 27 Warriors.
So on the 1st day I knew that I would be on the move and outside a lot so I went with a fit, that could keep me warm when I was outside but also keep me cool when I was inside, this was the fit i traveled in.

 As you can see it’s a very basic look but the colors are what make it stand out. Light upper, dark lower, that way it would be easier to identify the pieces that are worn and to distinguish the separation of pieces.

 In this look I’m wearing a simple Hoody(Topman), Bomber(Bravesoul), Jeans(River Island)(Distressed by Me), & Creps(Nike Cortez).

For the 2nd Day I knew I would need flexibility because this when I would actually be styling the models, and I would need to be able to move easily & also be comfortable.
The only setbacks I had with this fit were being that the turtleneck is quite thin, when I was outside I was freezing even with my bomber on, and when I was inside it I was roasting being that it was an all black outfit.

 In this look I was wearing a simple Turtleneck(RBW), Chinos(Boohoo) & Creps(Adidas Stan Smith). Btw I didn’t like this Fit, this here was a wardrobe malfunction.


And on the 3rd day, this here was my favorite look, with my first look being my 2nd favorite look. This look was used to explore London just a bit more before I went back home, I was totally comfortable & i was warm because I layered it just right.

  With this look I just felt like being me so I went for a monochromic look, I left my hoody half way zipped up from the bottom to put emphasis on my striped inner to draw attention to the fit. The pieces are, Hoodie(Nike Tech), Jacket(Stussy) & T-Shirt(Burtons). The rest were mentioned above.

S/O to @Oyinza for helping me take fit pics.

Behind the Scenes.

To see more behind the Scenes from the @Nawawear x 27 Warriors Photoshoot click the  -> Link <-


@Kine <- Nawawear Designer

@Vitae Photography @William <- Photographer for shoot.

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Competition time:

On the 1/3/16 the @NawaWear team will be picking a lucky winner to win a shirt from the 27 Warriors collection free!! All you have to do is Like the FB Page & invite 10 others to like the picture & comment done under the latest picture on IG.

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