Oh Yea Tones….

📷Camera Touch: @Jack

I haven’t been blogging for a while, I’m kinda on & off but I’m back now & try to stay on, it’s hard, like is stressful & I just wanted to better my self & my blog.

Anyways Today’s Fit showcase is all about light colors & unlikely pieces.

I’ve had these pictures for a while & you know when you start to look at something so long it starts to look ugly well here it goes.

 With this fit I threw in a whole lot of colors & pieces that would stand out on their own because they’re are very distinct in shape & sizes.

 Here is my whole look, as you can see the pieces are very very distinct. But as you can also see the colors or “(“Tones” which would be more suitable)”, they’re very different but since they’re all lighter they some what would all fade into each other.
 Without my Denim Jacket it would be easy to camouflage my self with the back ground… It’s all about fitting in while standing out. WHAAAAAATARETHOSE!!!!, or along those lines, are usually the reactions to these creps, but if you tried them on you’ll understand that’s these are clouds my n****, one of my favorite creps in my collection, super comfortable & no laces to trip over just pump and you’re there ready to dip.

 Of Course it’s Fortune Lago so accessories are a must, honestly I’m not able to leave my house without at least one of these on, I need a new necklace anyone know where I can get sick Gold pendants? Comment below.

A Huge Shout out to @Jack . My G came out and helped me take a few pics, really appreciate all of you should check him out. Click the link with the @.






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