We Came Out To Pl❤️Y.

For this blog post me & my boy @lekan linked up & we brought the CDG’s out, now I’ve had these pieces for a while but I was waiting for the Irish weather to get better.

 This blog post shows how you can bring two different styles together & still look like a team.

 Lately I’ve been enjoying much more calmer colors & they blend in way easier in my opinion, if you can achieve looks like these it definitely let’s people know that you know wagwan.

 I wore more of a street style fit as can see, Hoody, layered undershirt, distressed jeans & sneakers.

  The jeans I have are distressed by me took me about 1&1/2 hour to do & I also got them tailored because the bottom part was kinda loose & not to my liking at all.

  I tied my laces the original CDG way… And that’s around the ankle… “Can nobody tell me nothing”.

 The CDG hoody I have on has more of a loose fit, the material is great against stretching & it definitely pays to go true to size as well, it’s mad comfy, & doesn’t stretch when pulled due to the material which is very great BUT isn’t great against the cold so WEAR layers… And as you can see I did that, I wore 3 different layers still only 2 were visible.

@Lekan on the other hand has more of a casual fit on which makes him look super super clean.

  IG: @Lekan_sulaimon





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