Autumn in Spring.

Would you believe I made this fit last year?, and I only happen to be wearing it now? Ain’t that some sh*t?

But I’m really in love with what I was wearing on this day I didn’t feel like I was wearing dark colors despite the black i felt like autumn just walking around.

 It is so normal to create fits that look very similar, but can be so different at the same time, wouldn’t this be a normal look if I was wearing all black?, that’s why with these posts I want to encourage you to do it slightly different, colors matter bro.

 As you can see I’m wearing a oversized bomber jacket in beige & khaki pants that just brings the colors of fallen leafs & autumn alive. The black hoodie is just there to negate the effect of having to notice what I’m wearing underneath, you wouldn’t really pay attention to it, why? Because it’s black.

 From below the shin you can see the color scheme stays the same as above which actually completes a look, I’m usually not for matching uppers & shoes but I simply couldn’t miss an opportunity like this tbh, & it turned out for the best didn’t it?

 Quick side view.





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