High End

This is a quick Style post & update.
We got RAF in the cut, if you feel like upgrading your sneaker game and taking it to the next level and actually moving into the fashion game, it’s time to get some high end sneaks, but that is only if you’re comfortable wearing sneaks like this,

  because now it’s time for you to become more of an individual, and gain your own style to simply stand out.

 I decided to wear a very simple outfit, which to me means a black hoodie & black bottoms, I wanted to stand out but in a subtle way. I also wanted to feel comfortable because I was going to walking around a lot that day so sweatpants were key. it is very easy to look good while wearing sweatpants, tbh you can wear anything you like.

 To finesse the look I threw on a not too thick over shirt which unintentionally slightly matched with the blue gum on my shoes, and to top it all off I threw my pendant on like I always do.





Shouts to @Oyinza for taking pics.



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