Denim & Rips

 As we all know it’s getting warmer so you gotta switch up your style, winter is everyone’s favourite season for fashion because you can layer and throw mountains of clothes on you especially in Ireland, so when summer comes we start to feel lost and don’t know what to do with our style or what to wear. So I recommend you all to get a denim jacket or even a bomber, but a bomber was already a way of life for everyone, so just switch it up as often as you can.
 As you can see a denim jacket can change your whole look and make yourself stand out, even though it’s such a small item change, it has such a drastic effect on your look.

 Now even though I said I was going to start wearing lighter colours but since I’m wearing black again there has to be a twist, the stripes, it changes the look again and makes it look like you’re not wearing all black *wink wink*  because I have noticed that I wear too much black and people have said it to me.

 All my fits are usually based around comfort because being uncomfortable is one of the most irritating things ever inii.

 So I threw on my prestos, I’m not lying to you guys, these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet, on God, especially the way I’m on my feet too much, these are king.

 Denim Jacket: Pull & Bear

T: Topman

Jeans: River Island

Sneaks: Nike Presto

Be Jiggy,


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