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The weather in Dublin or in Ireland lately has been horrible, like how can it hail in April? And with my busy Schedule I barely get time for my self of even to take blog post pics. So I just went for a really comfy fit.  Something so simple and yet still stylish, it happened to be really warm for some odd reason and the sun was out too Dublin’s weather just plays games with you, so I wore no jacket and decided to go with this black hoody which is not too thick and not too thin which will keep you at the right temperature when it’s warm or chilly. The Letters on the side make it a little more than just a plain old hoodie and gives it an edge over what others would be wearing, it was an instantaoues cop for me.

 The pants Another piece of comfy clothing I wish I bought more in different colors, because they’re all sold out now *sigh*, the unique details & shape on these bottoms are they best and they drive the comfort level go the sky if you ask me, also not too thin or thick. I got these a size down from my usual waist size so they would sit just right. The zips at the ankle area make it easy to take off the bottoms & if you’re feeling stylish you can leave it open and let it sit just right on your sneaks, *perfect*.

 Obviously i introduced you guys to the prestos already and right now they’re still my most comfortable sneaks I got and I just feel like I’m walking on cushions to be honest.

 I picked a more darker color scheme even though I said I would wear colors, but it is so hard for me, sorry to disappoint guys, maybe the next post I’ll go a shade lighter *eye emoji*.

Hoodie: HUF

Bottoms: H&M


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