Overshirts & Lago’s Touch. 

So as you guys know it’s getting hella warm now even if we are in ireland, it’s not going to stop me from wearing layers or even jackets but I think a good alternative to jackets are Overshirts trust me they can be so lit.

 They are a very good layering piece, even with Jumpers & Hoodies and they keep you warm when the weather is chilly or when it’s too hot for a jacket.

 These jeans were in my wardrobe for faaaar too long I can’t even remember how long just know I had it in my wardrobe for ages trust, I didn’t wear them because they were way too long for me like 34′ in length when I’m a good 32′ and pin rolling them was just long, so I brought my Scissors out to play and distressed like a G, I started off by cutting off the excess material at the bottom then distressed the rest of the jeans.

 Obviously with jeans like this I had to wear white socks just to give the look a little extra something something, then I topped it off with a different CW of the stan smith silhouette, I thought why not add a little red to the blue(navy in this case).

 If you read back to my old blog posts(Link), I wore this white crewneck jumper and explained how I achieved it, but it has the Lago’s touch on it.

S/O  to @Oyinza for taking these lit pics.



JEANS: River Island

SOCKS: Ben Sherman

SNEAKS: Adidas Stan Smith
Be Jiggy



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