Overshirts & The Pumps.

Like I was saying it’s Overshirt season or just light jacket season, check my last blog Post(Link) for more deets, so I’m doubling up on it just to show you how to rock it a tiny bit differently.  Here you can see me wearing a lighter shade of an Overshirt, the fact that when you wear an Overshirt and people ask “where did you get your jacket” shows that it is a good replacement for a jacket.

 Since I decided to wear a lighter shades upper, I also wore lighter color sneaks, that would slightly mimic the colors of the top half. These Reebok’s are super comfy sneaks once you break into them, only takes like around 6 wears to do so. It’s a very simple look yet it got a lot of compliments.

 Obviously when wearing so many lighter shades you cant just throw on dark colors in the middle, so I wore light wash denim just to put emphasis on the light colors around… Ss16 is literally upon us & it really can’t be all black everyday.  Unless you switch it up & know how to do it.

 If you read my last blog post I said you could wear a jumper or a hoodie underneath the overshirt, so unlike my last post in this fit I’m wearing a hoodie, and obviously it had to be white because of the summerized look.

 S/O to @Oyinza for taking these pics.



JEANS: RiverIsland

SOCKS: Local

SNEAKS: Reebok instapumps

Be Jiggy


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