Milk Cappuccino (Latte) 

This is almost a follow up to my latest post Strawberry Milkshake.

I’m really Digging Denim Jackets at the moment, they’re so different from Bomber Jackets yet serve the same purpose but I feel there’s more of an edge to them.   The Colorway of this one in Particular is unique because it is not seen often. Instead of an over sized fit which I would have preferred I got it in a medium which I quite frankly regret.

 Underneath that I layered a White Striped T-Shirt & it turned out nicer than I thought it would have, I felt like too much of any dark or black shade would ruin the look I was trying to achieve.

  I’ve come to a realization that in summer wearing jeans should be a myth uno, like it shouldn’t be done, chinos are way more comfy and allow more cool air to get in your pants and doesn’t allow your lower half to overheat. In addition to comfort they allow way more movement and have a softer touch on the skin.

 Obviously I had to top up it all off with off-white sneakers they’re not fully white but slightly beige, and I don’t think you can actually see it in these pictures but they always stand out because of the CDG Logo.

 The full fit

Photography: @Oyinza

Denim Jacket: Topman

T-Shirt: Topman

Chinos: Topman

Sneaks: Converse X PL❤️Y

Be Jiggy


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