Apple Tree

The Madness that I put on before I changed into this fit could have ruined me tbh.  You guys definitely don’t want to see it.

 I went back to wearing a bomber jacket but only because the weather forecast predicted rain so I had to combat that with my wardrobe, even though it is summer right now Ireland’s weather literally plays games, you never know what to expect, luckly it wasn’t too hot so I survived in this outfit. Even right now it’s raining…

 Underneath I wore a Khaki Hoodie underneath just to double up on the color block to make it stand out more. The Hoodie is a great addition, very cozy very warm, and oversized, I think I’m really digging the oversized fit lately I don’t know what it is but it has me coming back constantly.

 Let’s talk Chinos.

I’ve tell you guys chinos are the way forward, in certain fits, I’ve been wearing them more now and they are the 2nd comfiest pants I know of after sweatpants.

 If you have been keeping up with my posts you will know about these creps, still super comfy and hella Feugo, super unique and my ratings for these are 8.9/10.

Bomber Jacket: Tola Vintage

Hoodie: Topman

Chinos: Topman

Sneaks: Reebok Instapump

Photography: @oyinza

Be Jiggy


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