Is it still warm? 

Even if it wasn’t this fit is still perfect. 

Usually wearing an all white outfit would be frowned up on by some, just because it is the easiest color to get dirty. But if you can match the right pieces together you’ll be very satisfied with your fit. 

Everyone knows a white T can make any outfit, but having that little bit extra kills everyone else’s with a white T. And if you have or haven’t heard yet, Embroidery is the new wave. 

​So I brought out all the cats. 

Since these cats are yellow, I wore some complimentary accessories (like I do everyday), because I feel like any fit would be too plain without even 1 piece of jewelry. 

This jacket is my favorite souvenir jacket I have in my collection, and it complemented the whole outfit, from sneaks to garms, the color pallete is so similar to my sneaks that I couldn’t pass them by on this post, I think my pumps have become my favourite sneaks too. 

Thanks for being so patient with me, my blog posts are back with way more frequent posts. 

Big thanks to @Oyinza for taking these pics. 

Souvenir Jacket: Jaded London

T-Shirt: Topman

Short: Zara

Sneaks: Reebok Instapumps

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