Crack & Salmon

The youth of Ireland video was part shot, on this day.

Click Here to see the whole video if you haven’t yet in full HD. 

Anyways, I just love matching stuff in ways that it just looks almost flawless, the bottom half of my look was inspired from, summer & sports wear, and the top half, winter & layering, which would wager some reactions.

Signature pose. A white Hoodie & Gold jewelry complement each other so well, layered with a hint of salmon really does justice.

The bottom half, was inspired by a tennis players fit. I usually don’t wear shorts but I felt completely free because a lot of the time pants just don’t just allow free movement of the legs. I put these socks on just to throw in another color…. because a lot of white is too much for me.

Hoodie: HUF

T-shirt: Topman

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Adidas Stans x RAF Simons

My Amazing Photographer: @Oyinza

Be jiggy


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