A Winters Tale.

Winter is literally only starting and the mornings and evenings are already freezing cold.

So why not hit you guys up with a fit for the cold?

So here’s my advice to y’all, Stock up your winter collection with heavy ass jackets, trust me.

Like this vintage puffy jacket I found and just had to cop, the color, style & size are amazing, did I mention that for its weightlessness it keeps you damn warm.

Layered with a black hoody, does the job and literally winter can’t touch you, go about your day without worrying about the cold at all…. and once you get into the building take off your jacket, and you’re done. This fit is perfect for winter.

Face covered.

I didn’t feel like jeans would fit the look I was going for, so I threw on some chinos to give it a better blend, white socks to protect the ankles and help show a split between bottom and shoes. 

Yeah I’m rocking Adidas with Nike, but who cares the colors are almost too similar so I just couldn’t resist.

Big S/O to @Jack for the photography skills.

Hoody: Levi

Jacket: Adidas (From Tola Vintage)

Chinos: Topman

Shoes: Nike AirMax 95

Be jiggy


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