“Do whatever you want, wear whatever you want” ~ Soulé

As you guys may have already noticed it’s been cold the past few days, & I told y’all in my last blog post to stock up on heavy jackets too. But another thing you can do which you can do is layer clothes that you got and create a new fit you’ve never worn before be as creative as you like, here you see me rocking a t-shirt under a shacket(Shirt + Jacket) under a windbreaker.

 I couldn’t resist the urge to wear these super comfy socks as i realized that they matched so well with the T-shirt i had on.

Full Fit.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



Another reason I love these socks, they have this Off-White patch at the back that just makes it more desirable.

By now you guys should be familiar with these shoes.

Photography by: @Jackcarolan

Jacket: Adidas

Shacket: Topman

T: Topman

Chinos: Topman

Socks: Reiss

Creps: Raf x Adidas

Be jiggy


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