I don’t really wear double denim, because I feel when I do the denim’s have to be matching.

But here I was like F it. And threw on a unique Sherpa with off white thick stripes going down the arms, it was an instant cop. 

As we continue to climb into the colder days of the year jackets are going to keep getting heavier and layers are going to keep getting added.

This classic Band T-shirt was way too long at first when i got it, so I just cut off the excess cloth, and layered it on top of a long sleeve white T-shirt.

I realized that ripped jeans would suit this look perfectly as I was going for a more rougher Street Style look.

Since I don’t really like boots, but still wanted “A Look” I wore these beauties.

Photography by: @jackcarolan

Jacket: Tolavintage

Band T: Bershka

Long Sleeve: Zara

Jeans: Topman

Creps: Raf Simons

Be Jiggy


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