Sophisticated in these Streets.

“You look hella Comfy”

I felt like I wanted to look a bit sharper today so I threw on a turtleneck and layered it with a track top. For a more Comfy look/feel.

I wanted to have more of a slick look for a person that hates suits, I always have to look for an alternative which actually lets me be more creative with how I show up to certain places.

I feel a suit just limits you to certain things, and who said you can’t look slick without a suit. I still wore slacks I’m really feeling the look and how you can combine it with almost all kinds of footwear.

The reason I love these slacks so much is because they have a draw string which adds to aesthetics and also quite convenient because I’m not a huge fan of belts too.

To keep the street look I put on a pouch which I actually carry everywhere because I hate carrying a lot or heavy stuff around with me but I still need my everyday Essentials.

This blog post literally just describes everything I hate lol.

To finesse this look, I brought out my most comfiest creps currently in my collection out to play.

Big thanks to @Jackcarolan for taking these pics.

Track Top: H&M

Turtleneck: Topman

Slacks: H&M X David Beckham.

Shoes: Adidas NMD

Be jiggy


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