My Kinda Comfy 2.

“Very Cozy, Very Warm”

As the weather is getting mad all you want to be is comfortable right. So why not just do what we’ve all been doing for time, Tracksuits. 

Sometime people forget that tracksuit can look fresh, you just gotta do it right.


A lot of the time keeping things simple is actually the best way to show your style, a simple jumper with not too much on it or nothing at all can make you stand out.

For this fit in particular I chose super baggy sweats, which were XXL but slim fitted for a more shaped look, then I just tucked them into my socks to allow me to put emphasis on the shoes.

I also decided to show my socks which made my silhouette stand out more and also suggest that even when a tracksuit is worn it can still look extremely good.

Super comfy all around from shoulder to toe. Still one of my favourite shoes.

Photography: @Jackcarolan

Sweater: Champion

Sweatpants: Champion

Socks: Champion

Shoes: Reebok Instapumps

Be Jiggy


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