Street End.

Street End



Streetwear looking High End.
This is one of my favourite fits ever, Even though it was a very rainy day and we didn’t have enough time to capture it on the level I would loved to have showcased it at. 

As you can see I’ve mixed the colors Navy & Black which is also one of the biggest so called “taboo’s” ever but I really have stopped caring about people’s opinions, it’s a lit combo in my opinion.  

The Pumps are steadily climbing to the top of my favourite sneaker silhouettes, right behind stans, being only my second pair ever this white pair really do my fit some justice. 

Zip Cardigans are sooooo comfy, they’re such a nice piece of clothing to have, from wearing it on its own or layering it under a jacket, no matter what you do I would definitely recommend for you to have this in your wardrobe. 

I threw on an embroided jacket, y’all should already be familiar with souvenir jackets, not a lot have to said about them, they just make you look slick. 

I switched out chinos for some slacks, I felt they complimented the Jacket a lot more and it also color matches the zip cardigan. 

Then to give my whole fit some character I pulled up some vertical striped White & Navy socks. 

Levitating & Shiiiiiiii. 

Photography: @Jackcarolan
Jacket: Zara

Zip Cardigan: H&M

Slacks: H&M

Socks: Topman

Shoes: Reebok
Be Jiggy


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