On Road

“Jack, my hands are frozen”.

This was the coldest day of the year so far, but A overhead half zip jacket with a kangaroo pouch is all you really need. Maybe some gloves too but I don’t like gloves even though it’s essential for winter.

Not only does it keep you warm, it’s also quite handy with a wide pocket to put stuff inside,that’s  if you’re like me & you carry a pouch and put everything in it.

It comes with a nice half zip at the front so it’s easy to put on, also showcase what you’re wearing underneath too, in my case a white hoodie & a gold pendant(the usual) hereby showcasing layering skills.

Designed with a bottom split on both sides of the jacket, making it easy to access your jean/chino/sweatpants pockets.

I decided to keep the fit bright so I finished with some beige chinos & beige shoes & some Cocoa socks just to show the split between bottoms & socks.

Let me pretend to be on my phone while you take this picture.

Photography: @jackcarolan

Jacket: Zara

Hoodie: H&M

Chinos: Topman

Socks: Topman

Shoes: Adidas Eqt

Be jiggy


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