“This spot fam”.

Despite it being winter, this day wasn’t as cold as the previous week so it gave me the chance to wear something more along the lines of comfortable.

Once I copped this piece I knew it would be my favorite in my collection. It has a a perfect ooversized fit not too large and not too little, super cozy with a raised neck, how could I not.

Then I matched or mismatched (as some would say) them with black pants, rolled up my pants to put emphasis on them sneaks.

Favorite silhouette, different color way, by now y’all already know my favorite shoe, even though a few have been climbing up my list, this one still makes me happy can be matched with any fit at all.

In my opinion I think jewelry boosts an outfit by 20%  and you know me, there’s not a single day I don’t wear my rings.

Am I really walking up these stairs? Find out in next weeks episode of LagoBall Z.

Full fit flex X2.

Aoife & I got matching fits.

(More on Aoife’s Fit Click Here)

Photography: @Jackcarolan

Top: Cos

Pants: H&M (David Beckham)

Socks: Champion

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths

Be Jiggy


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