My Kinda Comfy 3 

“Don’t ask what my favorite brand is”

As y’all may know i’m really digging these super comfy fits lately, so I brought you guys another portion of my comfortable looks.

To start the journey of building a cosy fit I pulled out all my tracksuit bottoms and went for this one because I knew white bottoms would be easy to style with the rest of my wardrobe and since they’re a skinny fit and drop right above the sneaker line it works.

I wore a similar track top with opposite colors to complement the bottoms, to be cosy you gotta have enough freedom to move as you please.

I threw on a puffa jacket with an entirely different color and since it was on the lighter side of the color spectrum it worked well with white bottoms.

Knowing that if I put on a 4th color I might throw the fit off balance I picked a color that was already included and went with white sneakers.

I still feel like any fit can be boosted beyond boundaries with the use of simple accessories, so knowing me.. I obviously did with rings & a chain. Simple but effective.

-Full Fit.

Jacket: Adidas

TrackTop: Adidas

TrackPants: Adidas

Shoes: Reebok Instapumps

Photography: @Jackcarolan

Be jiggy


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