Styled: Jackcarolan

This is my second post about styling somebody else, I really enjoy styling other people so this section makes me quite happy.

Thanks to @jackcarolan for letting me Style him.


What inspires you?

J: “I’m inspired by the people that I hang out with. In the past 6 months or so I’ve gathered a group of talented and gifted individuals around me. These people ooze creativity, Lago with his blog, Nonzus Magnus with the founding of Wall Of Steez and Hare Squead with their dope music to name a few. These people help me to challenge myself creatively and think of new ways to be original and provide content and dope images for people to find aesthetically pleasing.”

What art form are you gravitating towards because I can see you’re doing both? Fashion and Photography?

J:” Yes I have been doing both fashion and photography. However, I’ve been doing photography a lot longer than fashion. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Fortune I probably wouldn’t have my own distinct style that I have today. Going back to what I’m gravitating towards, I love photography and that is my biggest passion but I am trying to move towards making short films and editing photos.”

Do you find it hard balancing college & photography?

J: “In the past month or so because of assignments and exams, I have been finding it slightly harder to take photos. But, one of the modules in my course is photography. So in that sense I am still able to take photos, I just have to get certain types of photos, rather than taking my own type of photos that I like.”

I heard you go by wolfy now, why that name?

J: “I didn’t really have a philosophical thought behind it. I just thought the name was cool and mysterious, and I mean, who wouldn’t want to get called Wolfy.”

Top: COSstores

Bottom: Asos

Shoes: Reebok Classics

Photography by me.

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