Kasual Khaki

“Kasual Khaki sounds better than Khaki Kasual”.

Every year you’re always looking for what to wear with shirts especially in winter because let’s face it coats on a daily can become overplayed (I haven’t done any fits in coats yet, need to.). But I got this tweeted bomber/smart jacket with fur on the shoulder, and I knew it had mad potential. Pree the details.

Underneath the Khaki jacket I wore vertically stripped shirt which has become literally a staple in my wardrobe for casual days with a mix of  green & turquoise stripes, as soon as I seen it I had to cop.

To stay consistent with the color scheme I wore some Khaki pants, they’re my favourite it’s just I just don’t get the chance to style them often, as the fit is getting lower the green hints are getting lighter which contrasts easier towards the sneaks.

To throw off the whole fit and give it that fire, I threw on some pigskins, i felt that if I had worn lighter socks it wouldn’t have let my sneaks stand out as much so I had to go for a darker green again.

This little red strap you see is a mufuckin’ Kenzo keychain bruh.

Full Fit.

Shouts to @Jack Carolan for this Fire

Jacket: Topman

Shirt: Topman

Pants: H&M

Keychain: Kenzo X H&M

Socks: H&M

Shoes: Raf X Adidas

Be Jiggy


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