Styled: RobinTeM

Last Sunday I got the opportunity to Style the Amazing @Robin Te.

Photographed by @Jackcarolan

Before we start i asked Robin some questions.

What Inspires you and keeps you motivated?

-The challenge of achieving my next goal, applying my creativity to whatever project I’m working on and growing through the experience. This keeps things fresh and exciting!

Do you have an idols? In the fashion & creative world?

-I admire so many talented people and collectives in the field but to name a few; Stylist Lorenzo Posocco’s work is incredible, everything from his editorials to Dua Lipa’s music videos. Joseph for their clean tailoring and textiles. i-D & PAPERMAG, Farren Fucci’s work in Outspoken featuring Bella Hadid was insane.

If you could be a Creative Director for anything what would it be for?

-I would happily step into Riccardo Tisci’s position in Givenchy!!

Do you have any exciting news for 2017

– 2017 will kick off with me turning 22, followed by The London Men’s Fashion Week for the very first time, working with the Topshop Creative Team in the UK and being involved in the Coming SS17 issue of MFI Magazine. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

If I said Streetwear what brand would you mention?

-Adidas Originals for their old school feel.

What’s your favorite shoe?

-A white sneaker, they freshen up any outfit! I’m currently wearing Nike AF1.

Anything you would like the people to know about you?

-I am someone who loves what I do and will continue on this path for the foreseeable future, meeting and working with wonderful like-minded people in the industry and taking every opportunity that comes my way. I am open to all types of creative collaborations and hope that 2017 is packed full of them!

How it went:

Thanks for reading.

Special Thanks to Robin Te

Be Jiggy


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