Appreciations of 2016. 

Fam all I can say is a lot has changed in 1 year, this years been mad but I’m glad I’m dipping out of this year feeing good.

So this post is dedicated to all the people that were/are by my side supporting/ helping/ motivating/ motivated me.

No.1: Jack Carolan yoooo this mufucka is my niqqa and my main photographer. Super supportive and motivates me like nothing else, always gassing man to the max and shit, big shouts to the brother. Wolfie.

Oyinza: My sister till this day, inspiring & supportive, beef queen.

Barrie: This girl yeah a mufuckin star can do so much and is also my lowkey hair stylist, has me glo’ng when I’m glo’ng.

Nonzus Magnus: This niqqa at my low moments this niqqa got me word of inspiration always, this G got the mufuckin keyssssssss no lie. Genius, got fire coming soon, WOS.

Maxwell: This Donnie is a Donnie, Super supportive, doesn’t fail to throw an insult everyday, got fire coming soon watch out, FW.

Julius: This niqqa my niqqa bare annoying and shit but success orientated. Don’t catch feelings we catch flights, got that fire coming soon ,NE.

Aoife: Lowkey a Superstar, one of the best dressed humans in the world, an inspo forreal.

Robin: Ayee Super lit, Fits be feugo, also an inspo, 2017 got that fire coming.

Shouts to Lukeblood, super fucking fresh, the one who gave me the idea to ask questions about people when I style them. Super shouts tbh.

Greg: My brother, waviness on x10000, an inspiration & also motivation. #morelife.

Shola: My brother, waviness on x10000, visual & musical creative, inspiration. #morelife.

Romeo: My brother.

Lekan: My brother, he’s literally an aesthetic.

Dami & Wole & Ross, didn’t really get to see these niqqas but still my G’s.

Ayuba, special thanks to you.

Shoutout to all the people I’ve met in 2016 y’all are wavy.
Be Jiggy,


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