My kinda Comfy 4 

I Feel like I haven’t written in years, but hey I’m back & bout to be consistent as fuckkkkkkk.

As y’all may or may not know but it’s cozy season so I’ve been staying comfy all day everyday, this is just one of the ways to stay comfy & look stylish too.

Everyone knows the main essential to stay cozy, is throw some sweatpants on that give you ultimate  free movement but keeps you warm while doing so.

I decided that to try push the cozy limits of this fit by wearing an oversized hoodie then doubling it up with another zip up hoodie.

By having the hoodie on the inside slightly bigger than the main one you’re also layering.

To finish the whole look off, I had to stay in the brighter side of shades and went with white shoes.

The love I have for this silhouette is crazy.

Hoody: H&M

Zip Hoody: CDG

SweatPants: Zara

Shoes: Maison Margiela

Photographed by @Jack.

Be Jiggy


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