On Street

We all know real Street Style is creeping into the “Official Fashion League”, and it feels great. Here is a fit as a sort of “Dedication” to it.


I decided to wear my MA-1 Bomber Inside out to put more emphasis on the bottom half of my sneaker therefore contrasting the whole fit right.


I fell in love with these when i first got them, i just didn’t know what to wear with them. Then I remembered you don’t always have to wear everything “the right way” so the concept of wearing an orange upper instead of an all black look seemed more appealing.


Wearing my pouch on the inside of my jacket instead of on the outside gives me a more technical feel, like i’m much lighter and able to move more effortlessly i would highly recommend doing so.


I wore an all black Fear of God Inspired jogger which gave it more of a street feel i initially bought a pair and wore them everyday because they were more comfortable than anything because they’re super stretchy, More Comfort, so I doubled up on a skinnier pair.

Shoutout to my Tote Bag.


Full Fit.

Track Top: H&M

Jacket: Rebirth of Cool

Bottoms: H&M

Shoes: Adidas x Raf

Photographed by @Jack

Be Jiggy…


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