Styled: Christy Dunn


I did say i would post more frequently again, it was a Rainy day shoutout Ireland for that, so unfortunately we had to shoot inside.

But here’s another Style Post, @Christy_Dunn & I linked up to create, but of course i had to ask “The Questions” First.

Photographed by @Jackcarolan

1. I seen the air force you drew on, would you ever go into making shoes?

Yeah I’d love that. Even doing something like reinterpreting classics would be cool.

2. Would you say you could be an artist?

I think I have the creativity to be an artist but I just don’t have the drive. If i started trying harder maybe then.

3. What would you draw first?

I dunno probably my name or a super S or something stupid. Always just do the first thing that comes to mind and just role with it.

4 .What is your favourite band?

It would have to be The smiths or The Cure.

5. What got you into fashion?

Music and of course fashion itself.

6. Asap Rocky?

Asap Rocky is a g.

7. Alexander Mcqueen or Raf Simons?

I wanna say McQueen and if he was still alive and designing i’d say a lot more people would be recognising how insanely talented he is but Raf is this generations great designer to be honest.

Here is how it went:

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