Editorial: -Refined.

Model : @Kamil

Photographer: @Jackcarolan

Do you have a major interest in Fashion?

I do have a major interest in fashion, an obsession if you want to call it that. The majority of my time is spent looking at clothes and scrounging the money to buy it, all while finding new pieces and constantly being blown away. I think that’s what gets me so into it, the fact that there’s so many possibilities and ways to distinguish yourself as a person using clothing. So yes I’ve a huge interest in fashion and every aspect of it.



In what category would you put your style into?

I feel like sectors in fashion is something no one talks about but subconsciously know they exist. That’s what the case is for me anyway and for that reason I couldn’t for definite classify myself as anything. I’m a little bit of everything to speak the truth. I find myself mixing aspects of hard line streetwear, clean high end clothes, such as Raf pieces and clothes with a very vintage, Grandad so to speak, feel to them. All them come to make up my style. Mix and match. That’s what makes me love fashion so much, there’s no real limits to it and so many possibilities.


Who is your Favourite designer?

For my favourite designer it really comes between two. Raf simons and gosha. Although I don’t own any gosha pieces (soon I hope) I’ll have to give him the first place. As a youth coming from Poland and being very proud of my nation I feel a tight connection to his post soviet era style. The whole style appeals to me and just stands out so well against what other people are wearing, especially in Ireland. I feel like it’s just the perfect look for me, now to just cop something hopefully it just simply speaks to me. 

I do have to mention Kanye and his Yeezy line though. I love his boosts and the other military inspired clothing he has. Securing a pair of the Yeezy’s boosts in Ireland is another thing in itself though.

Not to mention vetements altogether, masterpieces but i’m not going to be able to afford that anytime soon.


Would you study a course to help you pursue your dream? 

To study a course in fashion is actually my current plan after school. I’ll have to go through an art course first but that’s what the current plan is. Although I believe many concepts of fashion have to be learned through your own experience there’s no doubt a course would help get me more involved into the scene and teach how things work. After all you can’t be thought to dress good, it comes naturally! Let’s just hope I stick to the plan as time goes by.


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